Friday, February 26, 2016

Darth Vader

Darth Vader.. One of the most recognized characters in the whole franchise. Vader's respirator enhanced breathing, massive frame, and intimidating armored costume, as well as his tendency to enforce discipline in the imperial ranks, And the voice of Vader that is played by James Earl Jones. Vader's presence onscreen is truly epic. Vader is also one of the most convincing monsters ever to menace a princess and her rescuers. Vader's goal is to inspire fear wherever he goes and to use the anger and hatred this fear stirs up to control those around him. But surprising thing about Vader is that he may have seemed like a monster but in the end he ending up being human after all. Because of the efforts of his son Luke, not giving up on his father. Luke awakens Vader when the Emperor nearly killed Luke. Luke saved his father from the Dark Side. Sadly his father was not able to survive, because of the Emperor's Force lighting. In my next post I'm going to discuss the mighty  Emperor.